Findex is a free UK based directory serving people and companies looking for UK based businesses.

Site-bar was easily configured and placed to offer visitors a quick way to find information on the site using the LINKS module. The site is easily translated into other languages to cater to the international visitor. Visitors can easily share their content with others while Findex can keep its members up to date via the twitter acccount.

Cargo Shipping is a portal providing shippers with up to date information about international shipping. A quick quote comparisson engine saves visitors both time and money!

Implementing site bar allowed us to quickly get quote requests from visitors as well as provide quick links to site content.

We added it in a snap!

Before I discovered the Site-Bar I always had to make complete website updates to change some basic information like, address or when I needed to add some new services or a new link. Also, I needed talk to my webmaster to make these changes for me and then I had to wait a week before it would be updated. With Site-Bar i can now easily do it myself, every day, if I want to, with no programming or technical knowledge required. It is a great product that looks really cool on my website!

Great job!


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