Free Toolbar

Free toolbar is just what we mean by Site-Bar – the service is completely free for webmasters and visitors to their web sites.

For web developers, the tool is a versatile, dynamic gadget that improves interaction for your users whether you have a blog, brochure site or e-commerce platform.

For online visitors to a web site, Site-Bar solves one of the biggest problems - navigation.

One issue online visitors find with lots of sites is designers sometimes seem to go out of their way to make information hard to find. The trick, according to studies by web usability guru Jakob Neilson (, is labelling information so the online visitors know what to expect when they click a link.

Site-bar makes web developers put the same information in the same place on any web site that carries the free toolbar.

With consistent design and content across thousands of web sites with Site-Bar, your online visitors will instinctively know what to click and follow to find what they need, just as drivers follow direction signs on the road.

So, when a visitor opens any page on your site and sees Site-Bar, they should feel confident that the content is easily browsable and they can find the information they want without any problems.

Adding the gadget costs nothing – all you have to do is register for free, configure your bar online and copy and paste a few lines of code to your web pages.

Every web site needs a separate registration, but regardless of how many sites you manage, the service is still free.

That’s it! If you want to update your Site-Bar, just log in to the site from any internet computer from anywhere in the world, edit and save your changes and the results are immediate across your site.

Visitors to your site can click on the site to find out essential information without having to register, so they can use the free toolbar without risk or obligation.

The gadget changes nothing in your web site design as Site-Bar floats on an invisible layer in front of the page without affecting any code or usability.

The add-on is cross-platform and runs in any browser, so running Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems on the server or client does not restrict use.

For web developers, the gadget adds functionality that allows online visitors to quickly drill down your content to find the information, product or service they need from any landing page.

Web developers find they decrease bounce rates and discarded shopping carts because Site-Bar helps prospective customers to fulfil their purchases – and if they cannot find the product or service they need, the ‘get a quote’ module acts like a squeeze page and gives you a second chance to turn a visitor in to a customer.

It’s hard to see how any web site can fail to gain from using the free tool that offers no risk, no obligation and no hidden drawbacks to developers or online visitors.