Sitebar is a free online tool that aims to bring more traffic to your web site by delivering key information about your site, products and services your visitors need to know without them having to browse through pages of content.

The tool encourages customers to interact with your web site and allows them to follow you on Twitter and spread the word on their own social networks with a few mouse clicks.

Trial the toolbar

Test out just how everything works by clicking the toolbar at the bottom of this screen. You can see exactly what your online visitors or customers will see when they come to your site.

Sitebar is unobtrusive and specifically designed to enhance site usability by sitting at the foot of an invisible layer in front of your web pages. This allows your site to work as normal without any interference from the add-on.

Visitors who don’t want to use the toolbar can just hit the ‘hide’ button and the modules slide quickly out of sight – but can be recalled immediately with a mouse click on a ‘show’ button.


Key points for web developers are:

* The toolbar is FREE

* NO DOWNLOADS are needed

* NO CODING or special technical skills are needed

* GETTING SITEBAR IS SIMPLE - Get it, register and customize the toolbar with your site details on line, then copy and paste the code to your web pages.

* ACTIVATING the add-on is just by opening your site online in a browser

That’s all you need to do to have Sitebar up and running giving visitors excellent 24/7-customer service.


*Optional modules allow you to keep visitors informed about news, products and services and to update their social networks with the information. Modules include:

* A personal welcome message for your visitors

* How to contact sales, customer service and technical support

* Asking for a quote or more information about your products or services

* A map to your office or business premises

* Highlights links to key places on your site – like squeeze pages, product pages and special offers

* Linking to Google Translate to offer your web site in other languages

* Some users encourage online customers to check out the special offers module by including a discount voucher.

* As a cross-platform tool, the add-on works on Linux and Windows operating systems and in any browser without slowing down performance by bloating pages with code.

Getting and configuring

Updating Sitebar could not be much simpler as all your data is kept on the toolbar web site and is fully customizable at any time, so you can add or edit news, products and offers with immediate result across your complete site.

You can access your account at any time from any internet-connected computer.

MORE INFORMATION: Talk to us by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button on the toolbar below.

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