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Toolbar add-ons are common for applications – but Site-Bar is a versatile new application that puts information often scattered across a web site easy-to-access in the same place on every page.

Our aim is to make browsing web sites a better experience for users by grouping important or widely read information a mouse click away.

Using the tool is easy – but if this is the first time you have come across our application, this guide will walk you through each module step-by-step:

Hiding and showing

Click the arrow in the icon on the right side to show or hide bar.

If you can see “Hide’ next to the icon, then the bar is fully open.

“Show’ means the bar functions are hidden and you need to click the icon to reveal them.

Now, you can check out the functions from left to right:


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Contact us

Details of the web site contact details like address, telephone and fax and business open hours.


A Google Map showing the business or organisation’s location and directions on how to get there if you input your location.



This links in to Google Translate and switches the language of the web site content in to several major languages, like English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Korean.


This navigation bar links to pages within the web site, or other online resources.

Products and Services

A quick look at what the web site offers visitors and customers – plus a chance to get in touch for a quote or more information.


A place to watch for discounts, end-of-lines and coupons

Powered By

Information about adding a free Site-Bar toolbar to your own web site


A personal welcome from the web site owner

The add-on will stay in the same place on your screen as you navigate around a web site without interfering with any functionality, even if you scroll the page behind the bar.

Site-Bar is a cross-platform application that runs in your internet browser, so you can run the gadget on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.


Visitors need have no concerns over security – the toolbar does not require any installation and does not leave any software on their computer while browsing a website.

Visitors or customers do, not have to pay or register to use Site-Bar.

Only the web owner can access the Site-Bar web site to configure the bar by going to our password protected web site - anyone else browsing the site does not have access to customize content.

More information: Talk to us by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button on the toolbar below.

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